Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Last gathering of YPA, we discussed Youth Leadership: What do we do to train, equip, and let youth be leaders in our churches and groups? The range of answers was from "nothing, it is easier to do myself" to "we let them have enough leadership that they might fail from time to time."

I got me thinking, not just about youth leadership though, but about who is helping to lead us as youth pastors.

I know that in the perfect world everyone would get along great with their pastors and they would guide us in leadership and faith, but let's face it; this just isn't always the case.  And even if you do have a great relationship, the pastor is so busy with the other staff and rest of the church; the focus on you is minimal.

So I ask: Who is helping you develop into a leader of student and adult leaders?

It seems like often times we just wing it, it might work and it might not.  But what if we could have other leaders come along side us and help give us guidance, encouragement, and challenge our thinking and practice to make us better at what we do?

If we are honest, we all need people in our live who will help push us to keep growing. Sometimes this happens naturally, sometimes you need to create it.  

For me, I am currently part of a program Center for Youth Ministry Training, in which thier four priciples are Classroom, Church, Coaching, and Cohort.  Essentially pairing a seminary student with a church while support both with a coach to guide the youth worker and provide a place for thier peers to gather and grow.

I believe that YPA can help provide the cohort aspect in any context, but you must seek out mentors, coaches, in you life.  Mentors who will challenge you to become the leader you were created to be!

Be inspired today that the mentors are out there, you just need to be active in finding them and setting out time to meet.

Who are you going to sit down to coffee with?

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