Thursday, January 20, 2011

Great moment in Youth Ministry...

A couple of YPA gatherings ago, we shared our great moments in youth ministry, the ones that keep us all going. 

The one that I shared was one that happened very recently.
I have been at my church for about a year and a half and we have a family who has a high school daughter who has physical handicaps.  Josie is an amazing girl, but she is unable to walk very far so she is usually in a wheel chair, and she struggles to communicate only with her eyes and smile, because she is also unable to talk.

Since, we have been at this church, my wife and I have been trying hard to make it possible for them to feel comfortable for Josie to come to youth.  She had stopped coming because it was too hard. 

She now comes to youth once a week during our Wednesday night programming, but I don't think I remember her ever being at church on Sunday mornings because it is just too hard to get her ready in time. 

But the other day, when it was time for communion at our Sunday morning worship, Josie's family and Josie came up!  She was walking the whole way up and took communion!!!

I have to say, it was one of the most amazing visuals of redemption!

I think that in sharing our stories or great moments in youth ministry, we can all be encouraged and healed from the many times we are beaten down and broken from all the small things that add up.

So hear this story as yours.... and add your own!

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  1. A recent (as in last night) event happened between two youth who tried dating and it didn't turn out, and still isn't. So myself and some othe adult volunteers spent time speaking with both youth. Eventually, I decided to lay out a plan for both of them so that they would have space and time apart. Well, the young lady called me last night and so surprised and impressed me! She told me that she couldn't agree with having separate times for each of them to come to church and that she felt that just wasn't in the spirit of following Christ. So she had decided to go back to both of them coming whenever they wanted to and over time the needed healing would take place!! WOW! I told her I agreed and completely supported her decision (to which she was somewhat surprised herself). This young lady has such a depth and maturity in Christ that is challenges me and is refreshing!
    Trust in the Lord, is always working 'behind the scenes"!!